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  • Interview rockchip vice president Chen Feng: currently focus on tablet chip
  • posted on 2013-05-03 10:48:00
  • Pay attention to the domestic flat-panel industry users for Rui microchip this enterprise will certainly not unfamiliar, from single nuclear RK2816 dual-core RK3066, rockchip chip occupy a very important position in the development of the domestic flat-panel industry. In this session of the Hongkong Electronics Fair, rockchip not only exhibited RK3188 quad-core processor's new, more released low power dual-core processor RK3168 brand new, and the development of applications such as face recognition, much like the windows task, has won wide attention to customer.
    In the Hongkong Electronics Show, media on the rockchip vice president Mr. Chen Feng was interviewed, exchange some industry hot topic view, is part of the contents of the interview:
    Now flat chip from comprehensive upgrade to quad-core dual-core, part of the net friend said performance has surplus, look at how the properties of the excess of this problem?
    In fact, I think this statement is relative, in recent years the flat chip from mononuclear to dinuclear to quad-core, hardware progress very quickly, but does it mean that the properties of the excess? In fact, it is not necessarily so, because like other configuration panel is also rising, like retinal screen configuration also need processing chip more powerful to support, and the international trend also is so, upgrade just follow the market trend and the trend.
    Do you think the software or hardware is more important?
    In fact, rockchip itself gene is a software company, this is our biggest advantage. We are the first to a program, and then cut into the chip industry, we have accumulated a lot of experience in embedded systems, including repetition machine chip earliest code is to write their own our lines. In fact, after the system Android the open begins popularity, rockchip software R & D advantages have become less obvious, so we are now more focus in a combination of software and hardware, the rockchip in industry or a good reputation.
    3G/4G network is a very popular topic, how do you think with network communication plate prospects?
    In fact I think plate with communication function is a trend, I think 4G and plate can be said to be "a match made in heaven". Future entered into the 4G era, the bandwidth of the network promotion, certainly need better screen to support the content display, and 4G network for battery requirements higher, when the plate than the mobile phone is more qualified for the requirements. Of course, for flat demand also differ from man to man, some people is the use value of the plate prices low this characteristic, increase the communication module is bound to increase the cost, so in the short term, at least in this year, WiFi tablet should also is the mainstream.
    At present the market some chip manufacturers are numerous, rockchip how to maintain its leading position?
    Two aspects, one is the customer resources, we now have a good customer resources, this year we have the greatest progress is successful into the traditional PC manufacturer in the field, after the market mainstream PC vendors and we will try to work with him; two is maintained in the technology advancement, is now "nuclear war" era, or is the arms race time, keep the market with the market more forward-looking manufacturers cooperation, closer with the international giants distance. In addition, the upstream ARM support is also very important. We think, the market certainly will only a handful left the company survival, now we are in a good position, I hope we can move forward to do better.
    There are about Cortex-A7 and Cortex-A9 is discussed very much on the network, how do you see this?
    The biggest advantage of Coretex-A7 is power, but for a chip, in fact the CPU part of the power consumption is low, process the chip's overall power consumption with GPU and peripheral components and chips have great relations. A7 framework at present popular major is a better balance between performance and power consumption, but A9 is currently the most widely used framework. I think A7 and A9 have their pros and cons, just look at the chip manufacturer to how the product positioning, application in which place, to achieve what effect.
    Rockchip any plans in the mobile phone?
    Mobile phone we have done a lot of work, but the progress made in this regard is limited, this is mainly because the baseband and other issues, coupled with Qualcomm and MTK scheme of the mobile phone chip development speed is very fast, so the focus of our work is on a flat plate.
    Google has launched its own brand of nexus series, Microsoft launched suface series flat, rockchip ever introduced slab own brand?
    We have so many great partners flat solution providers and tablet brands, they have a very strong strength, we still have to keep rockchip chip and duty, good service, at least in the short term will not consider the introduction of flat brand to compete with partners.
    What do you think of Intel into the mobile space this thing?
    Now Intel has strong into the mobile chip field to compete with ARM, Intel's biggest advantage is very advanced in chip manufacturing capacity, but the ecological aspects of software is a big obstacle. While the ARM in the mobile market has developed for many years, the ecological environment has to build a relatively perfect. Of course, we also need to have an open mind to look at this issue, because the future development of the industry is not immutable and frozen, we stepped up cooperation with ARM, but also concerned about the Intel.